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Some people are just lucky to achieve a slender, well-proportioned physique in a short period of time simply by working out and following a healthy diet. But others just find it nearly impossible to get rid of the last inches and pounds in spite of a rigorous diet and exercise program. This is because some people are genetically predisposed to carrying fat in certain areas of the body, (especially certain individuals that are prone to stress) which can be particularly resistant to even the most aggressive diet and exercise regimens.

In women, such areas typically include the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. In men, it is often the belly or flanks, often called “love handles.  At OC Med Spa  we use a non- invasive laser combined with weight loss treatment that melts stubborn fat while simultaneously tightening the overlying skin.

Traditional liposuction makes use of a cannula approximately 3-5 mm in diameter that is connected to a suction device. The suction device creates a negative pressure that literally sucks the fat away from the treatment site. These types of treatments can be painful and leave unwanted pockets of fat and are permanent.

  1. Is particularly beneficial to areas that are slow to respond or nearly non-responsive to exercise such as the love handles or saddle bags and upper arms.
  2. is gentler and causes no trauma to the body compared to traditional liposuction
  3. can be combined with Thermage Skin Tightening which is scientifically proven to help tighten areas of loose skin near the area of treatment can be performed on those who have had traditional lipo, with the added tightening effect also fixing any deformities caused by previous liposuction.
  4. Effectively treats even the most delicate areas with no discomfort or downtime without bruises and trauma associated with traditional liposuction.